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Dr. Lacto Peel

  • Bella Auto (AMTS)

Bella Auto (AMTS)  Features

A professional skin care system that can adjust length of needles delicately by 0.2mm to 2.0mm.

  • Induce collagen in the inner skin with minimal removal and damages to the skin
  • Naturally improve skin condition without artificially paralysis, stiffening and cutting the skin
  • Effective wound healing system is one of Bella’s unique technologies
  • 33G needle is used to minimize the pain from rapid vertical movement
  • Immediate daily life is possible, right after the treatment with HUBISLAB’s Bella Auto MTS!

Microneedling treatment is a total skin solution from beauty to medical purpose(wrinkle, whitening, skin complexion, collagen induction, skin cell, stretchmark, scar, pigments, pore, cellulite and scalp)


Adjustable needle length meter from 0.2 ~ 2.0mm
Now you can select needle’s length to target different areas of your skin
It helps minimize unnecessary pain on your skin with length meter


The core technology of MTS, adjustable 3-step speed
Using 11000RPM motors, Bella Auto MTS is stable and powerful
LED light to see each step easily


Sterilized 9 needles safely make micro channels in the skin in a short time (approx.150~200 thousand channels/5 minutes) and delivers the active ingredients into the skin

COOLION Features

  • Coolion's cooling function can quickly soothe damaged skin after receiving MTS treatment
  • Coolion is a device that can be administered on the skin effectively without needles or cosmetics
  • Almost no damage and skin irritation, compared to existing therapies, skin penetration depth of the nutrition component the amount is greatly improved
  • The penetration rate of active ingredients into the dermis layer when using Coolion reaches 80-90% while normal penetration rate without Coolion only has 5-10%
  • Coolion maximizes the efficiency for treatments such as freckles, pigmentations due to inflammation, acne, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, toning, whitening, lifting and nutrition

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